Kayena vacha manasendriyenva || Buddhayatmna va prakrutiswabhavat ||

Karomi yadhyat sakalam parasmai || Narayanayeti samarpayami 

It is a journey to realize I'm that Radiant Atman. From the point of perceiving to be an individual entity, to realize that I'm all is the goal confronting this frame of body and mind. It is a journey of understanding the truth about things, coming out of illusions, removing the mental barriers in realizing the reality and realize your oneness with this Universal being.

An inner force has been guiding this perceived individual, from a sense of dissatisfaction in asserting the individuality to a sense of fullness and completeness in asserting the Universality of being.  The inner force, along with the external forces in the form of events, teachings, experiences together which constitute the Guru have been taking this perceived individual being through various stages of this spiritual journey.

Accompanying in all the highs and lows, in frustrations and exaltations, the Guru's grace is so astonishing. The power and grace of Guru is so mysterious and miraculous in constantly delivering messages and guiding every moment in this journey. Of the various forms the Guru has assumed to support this journey, one form is Swami Krishnananda. Through his books and speeches the Guru has been guiding the process of dispelling the ignorance and get to know the facts of things.

This blog is a diary of all such messages from the various forms of Guru including Sw Krishnananda, so this mind with its limited capacities may remind itself constantly the truth and march towards realising I'm That.