Through Divine Grace I'm commencing my study of The Bhagavat Gita. I've subscribed to the Online Gita Course from Chinmaya Mission and just completed my first lesson as of yesterday the 15th August 2011. The last two months I have seen myself gradually moving away from random study of various books and focus on The Gita. Ofcourse few daily Svadhyaya's from Swami Sivananda and Swami Chidananda have been part of my routines.

It is a belssing to have Audio and Study materials of Swami Krishnananda and Swami Dayananda on The Gita. Now I have the online Gita Course from Swami Chinmaya too. Having felt the importance of learning the Chanting of the Gita Slokas, I'm following the audio recordings of Swami Brahmananda's recitation of the Gita. I'm coming up with these pages to review my progress and make note of the essence of the teachings I'm grasping, so that it is helpful in my future contemplation.

Although I see a marked difference in the teaching syles of Sw Krishnananda and Sw Dayananda, being a novitiate I'm unable to clearly express in words at this moment the difference. From my little analysis Sw K takes us indepth direct to the Philosophical Core of the subject without much word by word meanings of the Slokas and common life examples, while Sw D touches those at the best. The Chinmaya Course although very precise and not as eloborate as the Home study of Sw D they both have similar teaching styles.

Sw K's teachings need lot of contemplation and the subject seems to sink in very slowly. I find it very intense and helps internal transformation gradually. While Sw D's and Sw C's, give an orientation of academic nature on the subject which I feel is equally important for a strong foundation on the topics.

I invoke the blessings of the Guru in this endeavour.